Dec 31 2015

2015 in Review

I’ve never been much of a writer. I have a lot of thoughts about this last year but am struggling to put into word. This little blog is great place to reflect on this past year and my goals moving forward with my photography.

I started this year as Handy Dandy Photography, a cutey name that didn’t reflect the brand I wanted to represent or the pictures I was taking. As my first year in business, its been a whirlwind of learning and growing. I have loved and appreciate all my clients, those who have put their trust in letting me capture the important moments in their lives. I’ve learned how to shoot this year, edit (several different ways), and communicate my vision to others. I’ve spent a lot of hours behind my computer!! This art form can be very frustrating. I have put a piece of me into every session I’ve shoot. Its been a struggle for me to find who I am as a photographer, my style, and to manage the time between being a business owner and a mom.  I’m excited to continue learning the different aspects of producing beautiful images. I have loved this year. Photography has filled a creative outlet in my heart.

I have offically changed my business name to Kendra Sue Photography. This year my goals are to simplifying. I’ve changed my brand, the way I do my sessions, and my editing. My images will be soft, romantic, and full of light. I will be approaching every session with the goal of capturing the love between people. My biggest goal this year is to solidify my style.

Our little family is also expecting a little boy at the end of January this year. We are excited for the changes that this will bring to our lives! It will probably mean a few changes to my business as well, but we will take that on as it comes.

So to the good stuff. I know that this post will be overwhelming in regards to photos, but I tried to include at least 1 image from every session I did year, but others I had a harder time narrowing to 1. Looking back, its got me more excited to the future!

Again, thank you to all my clients! I love you all.

2015-12-31_0074.jpg 2015-12-31_0072.jpg 2015-12-31_0071.jpg 2015-12-31_0070.jpg 2015-12-31_0069.jpg 2015-12-31_0068.jpg 2015-12-31_0067.jpg 2015-12-31_0066.jpg 2015-12-31_0065.jpg 2015-12-31_0064.jpg 2015-12-31_0063.jpg 2015-12-31_0062.jpg 2015-12-31_0061.jpg 2015-12-31_0060.jpg 2015-12-31_0059.jpg 2015-12-31_0058.jpg 2015-12-31_0057.jpg 2015-12-31_0056.jpg 2015-12-31_0055.jpg 2015-12-31_0054.jpg 2015-12-31_0053.jpg 2015-12-31_0052.jpg 2015-12-31_0051.jpg2015-12-31_0073.jpg 2015-12-31_0050.jpg 2015-12-31_0048.jpg2015-12-31_0049.jpg 2015-12-31_0047.jpg 2015-12-31_0046.jpg 2015-12-31_0045.jpg 2015-12-31_0044.jpg 2015-12-31_0043.jpg 2015-12-31_0042.jpg

2015-12-31_0041.jpg 2015-12-31_0040.jpg 2015-12-31_0039.jpg 2015-12-31_0038.jpg 2015-12-31_0037.jpg 2015-12-31_0036.jpg 2015-12-31_0035.jpg 2015-12-31_0034.jpg 2015-12-31_0033.jpg 2015-12-31_0032.jpg 2015-12-31_0031.jpg 2015-12-31_0030.jpg 2015-12-31_0029.jpg 2015-12-31_0028.jpg 2015-12-31_0027.jpg 2015-12-31_0026.jpg 2015-12-31_0025.jpg 2015-12-31_0024.jpg 2015-12-31_0023.jpg 2015-12-31_0022.jpg 2015-12-31_0021.jpg 2015-12-31_0020.jpg 2015-12-31_0019.jpg 2015-12-31_0018.jpg 2015-12-31_0017.jpg 2015-12-31_0016.jpg 2015-12-31_0015.jpg 2015-12-31_0014.jpg 2015-12-31_0013.jpg 2015-12-31_0012.jpg 2015-12-31_0011.jpg 2015-12-31_0010.jpg 2015-12-31_0009.jpg 2015-12-31_0008.jpg 2015-12-31_0007.jpg 2015-12-31_0006.jpg 2015-12-31_0005.jpg 2015-12-31_0004.jpg 2015-12-31_0003.jpg 2015-12-31_0002.jpg 2015-12-31_0001.jpg


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  • This is wonderful, Kendra! I enjoyed reading your post and looking through your gorgeous pictures! I’m excited for you and your future! It’s looking good! :) And we still look at our pictures and just love them. Thank you!

    January 1, 2016 at 1:25 am

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