Feb 10 2016

Bree & Conner | Spring Rexburg Wedding

This spring wedding was one of my all time favorites because Bree and Conner where the greatest to work with. There was a TON of laughing. Conner had me laughing so hard. From the moment I met them, I knew that they were an adventurous couple. I loved every minute working with them. It was fun to go back and reediting these in my new style and remember all the fun I had.

The couple met as they were walking through a parking lot that was next to both of their apartment complexes. Connor thought Breeanna was cute, so he stopped to talk to her. They talked for a few minutes, he got her phone number, and they went on a date that same night. After that date, they spent everyday together quickly building a friendship that would last forever.

Connor proposed to Breeanna after he blindfolded her, took her to the airport, and surprised her with a weekend trip to Arizona to visit his family. On Valentines Day they went to dinner and came home to relax by the fire. In the backyard there were white lights, music, and fondue with small love notes hanging from the canopy. Ultimately, Connor knelt on one knee asking Breeanna to marry him with a custom ring he designed. She, of course, said yes!

2016-01-26_0023.jpg 2016-01-26_0001.jpg

Bree and Conner’s first look was so fun! They were both so excited to see each other and get married! I love how Conner looked at Bree!
2016-01-26_0002.jpg 2016-01-26_0005.jpg 2016-01-26_0004.jpg 2016-01-26_0007.jpg 2016-01-26_0006.jpg 2016-01-26_0013.jpg 2016-01-26_0014.jpg 2016-01-26_0012.jpg 2016-01-26_0016.jpg

Love all the soft, romantic spring flowers. 2016-01-26_0021.jpg 2016-01-26_0020.jpg 2016-01-26_0017.jpg 2016-01-26_0018.jpg 2016-01-26_0015.jpg

The photo to describe Bree and Conner: 2016-01-26_0022.jpg 2016-01-26_0024.jpg 2016-01-26_0038.jpg 2016-01-26_0040.jpg 2016-01-26_0041.jpg 2016-01-26_0042.jpg 2016-01-26_0043.jpg 2016-01-26_0046.jpg 2016-01-26_0044.jpg 2016-01-26_0039.jpg 2016-01-26_0047.jpg 2016-01-26_0051.jpg 2016-01-26_0049.jpg 2016-01-26_0052.jpg 2016-01-26_0053.jpg 2016-01-26_0054.jpg 2016-01-26_0048.jpg 2016-01-26_0029.jpg 2016-01-26_0028.jpg 2016-01-26_0027.jpg 2016-01-26_0025.jpg 2016-01-26_0026.jpg 2016-01-26_0030.jpg 2016-01-26_0032.jpg 2016-01-26_0034.jpg One of my favorite images of all time! I love this ring shot.2016-01-26_0035.jpg 2016-01-26_0058.jpg 2016-01-26_0055.jpg 2016-01-26_0056.jpg 2016-01-26_0057.jpg 2016-01-26_0059.jpg 2016-01-26_0060.jpg 2016-01-26_0061.jpg

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  • Such beautiful images, and I love that you told the couple’s love story! You really did a great job of capturing their personalities, and their emotions, in the images!

    February 10, 2016 at 2:00 pm
  • What a beautiful spring wedding – love the bright colors and I love the bridesmaids in the skirts and bright pink tops. What a fun style!

    February 10, 2016 at 2:14 pm
  • Beautiful! I love her veil. I’m so glad there was a lot of laughing :-)

    February 10, 2016 at 2:22 pm
  • Breeanna McCook

    Oh my goodness, Kendra! This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for capturing our perfect day, and then for letting us relive it through all of these perfect photos! Ah! Just so much happiness. Thank you, thank you!

    February 10, 2016 at 5:16 pm

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