Dec 01 2015

Chelsea Nicole | Birth Story

Every birth story I do I fall more in love with them. There is magic in the delivery room and I get the privilege capturing it. The first breathe of a new little human and the complete adoration that crosses the faces of those who are there are some of the best moments to see on this earth. I can’t help falling in love with each little angel that I get to be there with. Chelsea’s birth was especially exciting because I’ve known the Allen family for awhile having taken their pictures for a few years. But the coolest part was that Chris, Chelsea’s daddy, got to delivery his new daughter into the world! What an amazing experience to capture! Having known Chris, this was a big deal for him! It was probably one of the best moments that I’ve ever captured on film.

I had a really hard time choosing photos to show for this birth story because there was sooo many good ones! One challenge of birth stories is having the photos tell the story. However, the emotions on everyone’s faces from aunt to sister to new parents was perfect, making this one especially fun to tell. I loved looking through them!

Chelsea Nicole Allen arrived at 4:18pm on October 26, 2015! 7lbs 14oz, 21 inches long! Her family flocked around her the instant she was born and whoo-ed! and ahhed! over her hair and her tiny features. Her big sister, Lyla, was there to meet her but really didn’t like the hospital and wanted to leave. After a bit, she managed to get some curious peeks at the new baby in her family and I’m told she is a big fan now.

Chris was able to give her bath and with help from his sister, who was peeking through the nursery window, pick out a sweet bow. Chelsea was so tired from the big birth and wanted to be left alone to sleep so she really didn’t enjoy the warm water.

Megan and Chris are some of the sweetest individuals and they have created a beautiful family of two little girls. Thank you for letting me there to help document your memories of this special experience Allen family.

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