Dec 18 2015

C&M | Idaho Rexburg Temple Wedding

The weather was beautiful. The temple grounds looked more like spring than fall. And Melissa and Chad had a perfect day. I think all weddings usually are perfect, but truly everything was beautiful. A large number of family and friends came to celebrate with them and the couple came out all smiles and laughs. After a few family photos, we headed to the luncheon and then the couple was free to leave on their honeymoon. Their reception was the night before and it was gorgeous. The entire church was covered with lights. And cheesecake!! That is always one of my favorite desserts.

Be sure to check out their bridal session here! It is gorgeous.

2015-12-17_0054.jpg 2015-12-17_0055.jpg 2015-12-17_0056.jpg 2015-12-17_0057.jpg 2015-12-17_0058.jpg 2015-12-17_0059.jpg 2015-12-17_0060.jpg 2015-12-17_0061.jpg 2015-12-17_0062.jpg 2015-12-17_0063.jpg 2015-12-17_0064.jpg 2015-12-17_0065.jpg

Melissa is so classy looking. I love it.2015-12-17_0069.jpg 2015-12-17_0068.jpg 2015-12-17_0067.jpg 2015-12-17_0070.jpg 2015-12-17_0071.jpg 2015-12-17_0072.jpg 2015-12-17_0073.jpg 2015-12-17_0074.jpg 2015-12-17_0075.jpg 2015-12-17_0076.jpg 2015-12-17_0077.jpg 2015-12-17_0078.jpg 2015-12-17_0079.jpgAnd a good night kiss.

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