Nov 20 2015

Chelsea & Jackson | Couple Session

Chelsea and Jackson are one the sweetest couples. They have been married for almost 2 years and you can tell that they are happy to be together and just happy about life. These two are the kind of people I love to work with! They are sweet and excited and beautiful together. I met them at a tree farm to do some wintery couple pictures. They were running a tad late due to getting out of school later. (This winter light schedule can be hard when its getting dark at 4:30.) But we managed to get some great shots in the amount of time we had because they were so easy to work with and comfortable being with each other. They were up for anything and seriously so in love with each other. I’m excited to share these images.

Although Chelsea and Jackson grew up in the same town they didn’t officially meet until college when Chelsea’s older sister set them up on a date. One weekend when Chelsea was home from school, her sister came to her and said, “Get ready for your date. Jackson will be here to pick you up shortly.” She was nervous and excited but that  first date with Jackson was such a fun night. It was easy and there was a strong connection from the beginning.

They spent all our free time together from then on out. After three months of dating they decided they didn’t want to be with anyone else so they got engaged! On one particular weekend she came home, and received a call from Jackson telling me he was pulling up the driveway and wanted me to come outside. She rushed outside to be greeted with a kiss and flowers. And then it happened. He proposed! Their engagement was very short due to the fact the semester of school was starting soon. On August 17, 2013 we were married in the Latter Day Saint temple in Idaho Falls.

No matter as long as they are together its always a good time.

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  • GeorgAnna Fuller

    I’m sure it’s easier to photograph beautiful happy people, but you are definitely a pro. Lovely work,. I love these kids.

    April 29, 2016 at 3:45 pm

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