Dec 22 2015

Getting Professional Makeup | Maddy & Chris Engagements

For 2016, I’ve added professional makeup application to my packages. I am super excited about this new service for several reasons. It is one of the number one things I recommend my brides (to be). Here are a few reasons why:

1- You are investing in professional photography. Investing in professional hair and makeup and your images will reflect the additional investment that will make your photos that much better.


2- Use it as a trial for The Big Day. Most brides get their hair and makeup done for their wedding day, but it is vital to do a trial beforehand. This last year I had a bride sit in a hair salon for two hours to only end up redoing her hair an hour later because she hated it. It was a stressful day because she didn’t like how things were turning out. Not only do all your friends and family see you on your wedding day, more importantly, a photographer is capturing hours of images. These are the images that you will look at for the rest of your life! It is so important to know that you like your look not only in person, but in pictures as well. After you get your engagement images, you can use them as a guide to make tweaks to your look for The Big Day.


3- Professionals know what they are doing. Specifically, makeup always shows up lighter in pictures than it looks in real life. Makeup artists know how to adjust the amount of makeup they put on to compensate for the fact that you will be photographed. It may feel that you are over done, but in the images it looks perfect!


4- Retouching takes an enormous amount of time. If I have to do a lot of skin retouching it does reflect on the number of images I can reasonably work on for a wedding. If you get “real life retouching” (aka makeup artist), your skin will look flawless and you shouldn’t need any retouching on the final images. Editing goes faster for me and you get your images back faster. Bonus for both of us! :)


5- This is your chance to get pampered. Weddings are a once in a lifetime thing and you’ll probably spend more money on the events of that one day than you do on any other day in your life. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself!


6- You just feel beautiful and that increases your confidence. I really do think that all my brides just glow, but I do notice a difference with those brides that chose to have a professional do their makeup. They look more fierce and feminine. They FEEL more confident, more BEAUTIFUL, and it comes across in their images.

Side note: I think faux lashes are a MUST for photo shoots. Although they may feel like they are “too much”, they look AMAZING in photographs. I wish I had been able to do them with my wedding photos.

Maddy was one of my first clients to get her makeup done for engagements. Kasey Marcum, her makeup artist, did an amazing job using products to contour her face and make her natural beauty just radiant. Maddy said that she felt beautiful and it was definitely a change simply because she doesn’t using wear much makeup on a daily basis.

This session was an extremely fast one, not only due to the cold, but Maddy & Chris were running late because of car troubles. However, even though the lighting wasn’t the best, I feel that their images turned out amazing! Chris kept remarking how beautiful Maddy was the entire time and had a hard time not keeping his eyes off of her. I don’t blame him. Maddy is a gorgeous girl and with the professional application of makeup she was a knockout:



2015-12-21_0003.jpg 2015-12-21_0001.jpg 2015-12-21_0002.jpg 2015-12-21_0004.jpg 2015-12-21_0005.jpg 2015-12-21_0006.jpg 2015-12-21_0007.jpg 2015-12-21_0008.jpg 2015-12-21_0009.jpg 2015-12-21_0010.jpg

I am really attracted to black and white. I feel that there are only certain images that look great as black and white and this one just speaks to me. You can see love!2015-12-21_0011.jpg 2015-12-21_0013.jpg 2015-12-21_0012.jpg 2015-12-21_0014.jpg 2015-12-21_0015.jpg 2015-12-21_0016.jpg 2015-12-21_0026.jpg 2015-12-21_0017.jpg 2015-12-21_0018.jpg 2015-12-21_0019.jpg 2015-12-21_0020.jpg 2015-12-21_0021.jpg 2015-12-21_0022.jpg 2015-12-21_0023.jpg 2015-12-21_0024.jpg

I will be working with several makeup artist in the future, depending on the location. To find out more about engagement and wedding prices contact me. I would love to work with you.

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