Feb 29 2016

Hearne Family | Idaho Falls Fall Family

I had lost my voice before this session last fall, but I didn’t have to yell directions too much because these kids are awesome. The Hearn family invited us to join them in visiting their Grandpa in Star Valley. We had a blast eating too much and playing games most of the weekend. The drive was beautiful too as Star Valley and Swan Valley were vibrant with beautiful fall colors. I love this family. They are dear friends and am happy that I get to see these beautiful photos hanging in their home when we visit them.
2016-02-24_0009.jpg 2016-02-24_0010.jpg 2016-02-24_0011.jpg 2016-02-24_0012.jpg 2016-02-24_0013.jpg 2016-02-24_0014.jpg 2016-02-24_0016.jpg 2016-02-24_0017.jpg 2016-02-24_0018.jpg

2016-02-24_0019.jpg 2016-02-24_0020.jpg 2016-02-24_0021.jpg 2016-02-24_0022.jpg

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