Mar 11 2016

Idaho Falls Winter Engagement | Ashley & Trevor

During our entire session these two were laughing and giggling. They stole my heart. Trevor was a complete gentlemen and helping Ashley has much as he could through the snow, out of the car, and trying to keep her warm. His shoes filled with snow soon after we started but he laughed it off. And I loved the way he looked at Ashley. Over and over I would see a big, goofy grin on his face as he looked at his future bride. I loved it!


I know Ashley’s family from my ward. Ashley returned from her mission and I was able to see her a few times through the year at church. I could tell that something was different and was thrilled when I saw on Facebook that she was engaged. When her mom told me that they wanted me to photograph the wedding, I was ecstatic. First, I love their family! Second, I know the wedding is going to be fun and beautiful. Third, Ashley is gorgeous. Trevor and her make a perfect couple. And I find their story so cute. Trevor and Ashley have grown up together. When I asked how they met, Trevor pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of the two of them as babies! Can you say perfect?! After Ashley’s mission, Trevor’s dad told him that he should take her on a date, which he replied that he thought she was dating someone (she was.) But eventually, they were able to find their perfect timing.


Don’t they just make you happy?

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