Jan 14 2016

Among the Cherry Blossoms | Spring Bridals at BYUI

This was an amazing recipe for a gorgeous shoot. The BYUI orchards were in bloom for spring and they were breathtaking. I would LOVE to shoot there again this spring!! What an amazing backdrop for Oshin and Ivan who were married earlier that year. They were beautiful models for Robin Spencer’s wedding workshop. Robin is an amazing wedding photographer based in Rigby and I was so grateful to be able to learn posing, sales, and basic wedding informaton from her. She is one talented lady and has been photographing wedding for 20+ years.

Besides the gorgeous location at BYU-I, I love Ivan. He has one of those smiles that just make you want to grin yourself. The way he looked at his new bride was priceless. I have a soft spot in my heart for men who are in love.

2016-01-13_0035.jpg 2016-01-13_0040.jpg 2016-01-13_0039.jpg 2016-01-13_0036.jpg 2016-01-13_0038.jpg 2016-01-13_0037.jpg 2016-01-13_0043.jpg It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite but I love the bokeh background on this one. 2016-01-13_0042.jpg 2016-01-13_0044.jpg 2016-01-13_0045.jpg 2016-01-13_0046.jpg 2016-01-13_0047.jpg 2016-01-13_0048.jpg 2016-01-13_0049.jpg 2016-01-13_0050.jpg

2016-01-13_0051.jpg And this one, love the natural laughter that Ivan has. This guy loves being with his wife. 2016-01-13_0052.jpg 2016-01-13_0053.jpg 2016-01-13_0054.jpg 2016-01-13_0056.jpg 2016-01-13_0057.jpg 2016-01-13_0058.jpg 2016-01-13_0059.jpg 2016-01-13_0060.jpg 2016-01-13_0061.jpg 2016-01-13_0062.jpg 2016-01-13_0063.jpg 2016-01-13_0064.jpg 2016-01-13_0065.jpg

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