Feb 17 2016

Jeri & Eric | Swan Valley Engagements

For this Wedding Wednesday, we are visiting one of my favorite past engagement sessions with Jeri and Eric. Both attend school at BYU-I and Jeri waited for Eric while he finished his mission for the LDS church. After he returned, they were married in the Draper Temple and held their reception at a movie theater. I loved this session for many reasons. One is that Jeri and Eric are a beautiful couple with so much love and respect for each other. I just had to sit back and let them giggle and laugh with each other the entire time. I love couples were the connection is so palpable. You can tell that Eric is crazy about Jeri. The second reason is the setting. Aspens are my favorite trees. In the wind, they make the happiest sounds. We were able to go up to Swan Valley, Idaho, and shoot these engagements in one of the prettiest settings in the world.2016-02-17_0002

2016-02-05_0005 2016-02-05_0008 2016-02-05_0003 2016-02-05_0004 2016-02-05_0024 2016-02-05_0009 2016-02-05_0006 2016-02-05_0002 2016-02-05_0022 I love walking images where their is genuine laughter between the couple. They are so happy!!2016-02-05_0027 2016-02-05_0021 2016-02-05_0015 2016-02-05_0013 2016-02-05_0016 2016-02-05_0030 2016-02-05_0018 2016-02-05_0019 2016-02-05_0017 2016-02-05_0012 2016-02-05_0014 2016-02-05_0011

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