Feb 20 2016

Katie & Chris | Bridal Sneak Peek

Happy Wedding Day Katie and Chris!!! I am so happy for these two.

Katie and Chris are always laughing and being goofy with each other. There is a lot of fun and joy in their relationship. However, during their bridals they were so romantic. There was definitely a more romantic feel then when they did their engagements.

It was COLD. Soo COLD! Katie was such a champ though. The wind was blowing and having a hay day with her dress. We hurried and took as many photos as we could before she would rush to her car or into the temple to get warm. We took a few breaks to warm up, but Katie never complained. She looked stunning in her elegant dress. I loved how classy she looked! Chris was so sweet making Katie laugh and cuddling her as much as possible to try and warm her up, which I am sure he enjoyed. 😀 I am so excited to spend the day with these two and capture their wedding day with friends and family at the Rexburg Temple and the Rose Shop in Idaho Falls.

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