Jan 06 2016

Katie & Chris | Winter Engagements

I love meeting couples in love. It is my favorite part of my job. I asked Katie how she and Chris met and fell in love. Their engagement session was one of the coldest I’ve ever done. We ended a bit early because all of us were so cold. I think that they have some beautiful images to document their love during this time in their lives.

“In church, he had just been put in as the new temple prep teacher. That’s when I first saw he was in the ward. That same day, he came to the Sunday school class I was teaching. The very first thing I noticed about him was his amazing, piercing blue eyes. I didn’t want to stop looking at them, I felt kinda awkward because I kept wanting to look at him and no one else. That following Tuesday is when we officially met. We went to the concert series on the river with a mutual friend and afterwards went back to my house and played some games. The following Saturday we went to the zoo with some friends. My roommates were flirting with him hard core so I decided I’d not participate in that and just be his friend. Later on, whilst at the zoo, he mentioned that he was going on a hiking trip with a friend that was a girl. Kinda bummed me out because I assumed it was a girl he was wanting/trying to date. Later that evening, we all went to another friends house and played games. That’s when we felt the first wave of chemistry. We got in a head to head match of Egyptian Rat Screw. It was a lot of fun and we had a blast talking.
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We started to message each other on Facebook and ended up talking about the State Fair. I had mentioned that I wanted to go down on Wednesday and so we said ‘lets go together!” Neither of us knew whether or not it was an actual date, so we both kind of dressed up but kept it kinda casual as well. Going to the fair together was a lot of fun. Afterwards when we had got home, which was about 11 or so, we sat and talked in the car until about 12:30 and then were both like, we need to go… but then stood outside talking until about 2:30 in the morning before we finally decided we needed to go to bed. Then after we both were home, continued to text each other until about 3:30. We text each other the whole rest of the week and the whole time I was in Provo for a football game. (One thing to note was that when we were talking, he had told me he had only ever kissed 4 girls in his life. He said that he never kissed a girl unless he REALLY REALLY liked them.)
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He asked me on what would be our first official date. We went to Perkins for dinner for free pie night and then stopped in at FHE and went back to my place and watched a movie. The next night, he came over and we watched another movie together and talked for a few hours. When he was leaving, he told me he really wanted to kiss me. Which took me by surprise because of what he had told me the week before. So I said “ok.” with a big cheesy grin on my face. We both fell hard and fast for each other. It wasn’t terribly long after that that we told each other we loved each other. Nothing has been so easy and felt so right to either of us. We still are crazy about each other and our love for each other keeps growing the more time we spend with each other. “
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I always tell people that when I met my husband it was like a “duh” moment. I just knew that he would be my partner forever. I love hearing stories like Katie and Chris’s because it reminds me how beautiful and fulfilling finding your love can be. I am excited to continue working with them.
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