Nov 20 2015

Lexi Rae |Kendra Sue Birth Stories


This birth took place several months ago, but the memory still stays with me even now. With the update of my new website, I’ve lost the original post and with it a lot of the details. However, the spirit that was in that room will be a hard one to forget. This is why I love birth stories. I’ve been asked if it is weird/gross/awkward to be in the room during these moment and I have to say that it the most precious, sacred moments. It is an honor to capture not only to capture a new life coming into the world, but also the experiences of mom and dad, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, ect. of their lives changing. To see them love in a new way. To see the excitement on the faces of everyone as they unite in a new bond. To silently sit as a fly on the wall and capture these moments for them to look back when they aren’t exhausted from the effects of birth or the excitement of the moment. Memories are powerful.

Lexi Rae was born April 18. I got a call from a very sleepy Jake at 2 pm saying the doctors had just come in and said we were having a baby! I threw on some clothes and rushed to the hospital so excited to meet this precious spirit. As I came into the dark room, Mauriah was already pushing. I got set up in a hurry and a few moments later, with the help of Mauriah’s mom and sister a beautiful little girl was born. They took her almost immediately to clear out her lungs as she was having a hard time breathing and was very purple. However, she was soon able to meet her new family and be adored. Mariah’s mom was able to be there through the birth of her granddaughter and be with her daughter through her first birth experience. I am so glad that I was able to capture some moments of Mauriah and Lexi with this lady as she passed aways a few months later. Looking at the photos of them together you can see the love and pride that was in that room.

Thank you Mauriah and Jake for letting me be there for such a big part of your lives.
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