Mar 08 2016

Project 366 | A Year of Photos | Week 9

This week was a bit more difficult to get my shooting in. I am admitting that I’m a natural light photographer and I am struggling with the awful florescent lights in my kitchen. I’m gonna do some research this next week and figure how to better edit for them.

62/366 This is what nap time looks like when you have a 2-year old sister2016-03-06_0053 63/366 These are the things that I won’t remember but will want to.2016-03-06_0051 64/366 Bonding Time (yeah, I’m suppose to be losing baby weight.)2016-03-06_0049 65/366 2016-03-06_005066/366 Charlee’s favorite toy is this barn with all her animals. 2016-03-06_0047 67/366 Teaching you to wash dishes is a messy job.2016-03-06_0048 68/388 2016-03-06_0054

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