Mar 07 2016

Rexburg Temple Winter Wedding | Chris & Katie

These two have been through a lot of cold winter shoots with me. As we were talking a few around the temple on after their temple exit, Chris told me that each session we did was getting warmer and warmer. He was right. Chris and Katie’s February wedding day was gorgeous and bright. Although, still a chilly winter day, the sun was shining and I could tell how happy these two were to be married.


When I was outside the Rexburg temple waiting for happy couple with their family, I was hearing about the reception. Pearls, lace, and flowers! I was super excited that it was at the Rose Shop in Idaho Falls. It’s a gorgeous venue that smells amazing because they provide all the fresh flowers. The couple’s arch was beautiful with white flowers and laced covered balls. I loved all the quotes and fun details around. The family worked hard to put it all together and create this beautiful environment to celebrate their love.


Their entire reception was celebrated with a huge amount of guests and family. The line seemed to never end as people came to wish this couple congratulations. These two laughed all night were exhausted by the end of the night. It was a beautiful wedding and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. Katie and Chris, you have a love that is very tangible and real. Happy marriage!


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