Jan 01 2016

Smith Family | Winter Family Photos

I love meeting families that are so sweet and easy to work with. It was bitter cold for the Smith Family photos, but we found a beautiful location, with the frost(!), about 10-15 ft from their front door. This allowed them to go in and out and get warm. There were 25 people, so it was nice to have them organize themselves and have groups on deck. Everyone was so cooperative and things ran really smoothly. Winter photos can be so beautiful if you can stand the cold.

As we were leaving, they gave my husband and I the yummiest, sweetest gift of fudge and carmal popcorn. My husband was in heaven! I am truly blessed to meet and work with amazing individuals for my job! It is so fun. Kristi sent me an email after I deliever her images that had me glowing:

“Kendra, you have a gift! The photos are so beautiful, we are all blown away and completely thrilled!! You are so talented in composing beautiful shots, I seriously love every single one of them. Everyone had said several times that they were so impressed by you and your husband calmly working with so many people and personalities in freezing temps. We’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and my mom said she’d love to use you again in the future! Thank you for these precious photos, we will cherish them for years to come.

Happy new year and congratulations on your little one on the way!”

Thank you Smith Family!!! I loved working with you!

2016-01-01_0006.jpg 2016-01-01_0002.jpg 2016-01-01_0003.jpg 2016-01-01_0004.jpg 2016-01-01_0005.jpg 2016-01-01_0007.jpg 2016-01-01_0008.jpg 2016-01-01_0009.jpg 2016-01-01_0010.jpg 2016-01-01_0011.jpg 2016-01-01_0012.jpg 2016-01-01_0013.jpg 2016-01-01_0014.jpg 2016-01-01_0015.jpg 2016-01-01_0016.jpg 2016-01-01_0017.jpg 2016-01-01_0018.jpg 2016-01-01_0019.jpg 2016-01-01_0020.jpg

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