Jan 19 2016

Week 2 | Project 366

Another week has gone by and I must say that this is SOO challenging for me! I’m DONE with winter in regards to the light in my house. It’s just dark all. the. time. I would really love to utilize the natural light, but Charlee is going to nap around 12 and sometimes doesn’t get up until 2:30-3. By the time she gets happy its dark and when daddy gets home (which I LOVE to photograph the two of them together) its pitch black. It takes me awhile to feel like doing anything in the mornings, so I’m photographing in a lot of really weird light because the schedules aren’t lining up perfectly.

I want to continue shooting everyday. I need to get creative and realize that not every image has to be filled with beautiful sunlight, emotion or connection (which is what I long for in these photos). It’s a tough to let the photos not be perfect. My house is full of toys on the floor (I ain’t bending down at 9 month prego), dishes in the sink and counters (I am barely cleaning at 9 months prego), and we spend a lot of time with electronics (I ain’t fun to play with at 9 months prego). That is our life.

It’s week two and I’ve already learned that I really do need to let go of what perfection is in my head. I need to get over that I might not have that fantasized image for every.single.day or even the week and that’s ok – because I am documenting us.

Check out Week 1.

So onward and upward in this 366 Project: A Photo Everyday!


2016-01-18_000112| 366  GREEN ONES, MOM!
2016-01-18_000213| 366 CHILAXEN

I wish it were a book, but you are getting really good at the tablet and using it to play your nature and number games.2016-01-18_000914| 366 MY BUDDIES AND I2016-01-18_0004 15| 366 MOMENTS

You hold still occasionally and let us cuddle and love you. This daddy of yours loves you so much and I love him more because of it.2016-01-18_0013
16| 366 MANI PEDI

You are pretty good about not touching things after getting your nails done. And your a little obsessed about getting your nails done. 2016-01-18_0003 17 | 366 SERIOUSLY MOM?

Already getting the photographer’s mom syndrome. I just love this face of yours. You are so expressive.2016-01-18_0005


You and the gang hanging out in my lap. This week all your friends include: baby, Daniel Tiger, monkey, owl, and baby kitty (that is blending in with my sweater.) I cherish these moments of letting me hold you.2016-01-18_0007

19| 366   5:30 PM

Dropping off things at the neighbors is an interesting adventure at 5:30 at night. You are loving on the snow.


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