Feb 01 2016

Week 4 | Project 366

We had a busy, exciting week this last week. We finally were able to welcome Mr. Everett to our home. He is an easy baby, super cute, and loved by his big sister. He came really fast. I was having contractions Wednesday morning about 10 minutes apart. I was in labor for 48 hours with Charlee so I was sure I had all day with this little guy. I sent Dave to work and got busy packing. About 10 o’clock my easy 10 minute contractions changed to killer 2 minute contractions. I couldn’t even change Charlee’s diaper between them. I called Dave but wasn’t sure that he was going to make it they felt so intense. Charlee was rubbing my back and using her doctor kit on me while I kneeled on the floor, concentrating. Finally, Grandma arrived to help with Charlee. I knelt and hugged the back of the seat all the way to the hospital, where we found I was dilated to a 9! My body was already pushing. I intended to do it natural, but they were able to give me the epidural I was begging for and I am so glad they did. I was able to laugh and enjoy his birth. It was a spiritual experience and I loved it!


I knew that Charlee wouldn’t have too much trouble with having a silbing and she’s been fascinated with him since he got here. She always wants to hold him and pet his head. I’m a little nervous to have both of them without my husband home though. It’s a different mindset having two kids. With Charlee it was like we had a little buddy with us, now we have “kids.” Plural. We no longer fit in the back of my mom’s car. Haha.


I have a lot of pictures I want to share of Everett’s birth and time in the hospital, but I think I’ll do a separate post for that later on.


26|366   40 WEEKS BELLY KISS

I really wanted a cute picture of Charlee kissing my belly. I tried several times but after this first attempt where my focus is off, I’m facing away from the light, and all the junk of the floor, she wouldn’t have anything to do with kissing mom’s belly. Every attempt was a resounding “no.” It’s a weird request anyways. I still enjoy this picture though. Charlee loves to play with the thermometers and is always checking my temperature. 2016-02-01_0001

27| 366  GETTING READY FOR CHURCH2016-02-01_0002

27|366 SHADOWS

This might be one of my favorite pictures yet. We were showing Charlee how to make shadows with the flashlight. We had to see the shadows of all her toys.2016-02-01_0003

28| 366 CUDDLES

I love this little girl with all my heart. She is spunky and crazy.
2016-02-01_0004 29|366  DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY

Pantyhose and linoleum make a perfect combination to spin.
2016-02-01_000730| 366 EVERETT THOMAS HANDY2016-02-01_0005 31|366 AND THERE WAS TWO

Everett was crying a bit and Charlee was so concerned. “Uh-no” and lots of cuddles and kisses for her little brother.2016-02-01_0006

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  • ali

    So Beautiful!!! I love all your images- such treasures to have and remember by!

    February 2, 2016 at 6:58 pm

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