Feb 08 2016

Week 5 | Project 366

A photo everyday for a year, capturing my family grow day by day!

This is the first full week of Baby Everett being home. I gotta say that I’m so grateful for my husband. He has quietly picked up the huge amount of slack that I’m leaving behind. Mr. E has decided that its a lot funnier to be up at night than during the day and it is making me so tired that I am falling asleep everywhere. Dave will quietly take our crazy two-year old into a different part of the house so that I can get a few minutes. He has cleaned, cooked, entertained us, and been a huge support. To admit that I’m terrified of him going back to work and leaving me with this two kiddos all day is an understatement.  Haha. I love my husband so much!


Baby Everett is growing so fast already. Yesterday I put him in the same outfit that he came home from the hospital in (at the time it was drowning him and it feel him perfect. He looks a lot like my dad and my dad loves hearing that. He puffs up his chest and declares that he is the best looking kid he’s ever seen. I love his blonde hair and his tendency to purse his lips. Charlee has been a real sweety to him. She wants to hold him every morning and strokes his head. She’s had her daddy has a constant playmate, so maybe the jealousy hasn’t set in. (Although, I pray that it never will.)



2016-02-08_0002 34/366 We bought you a shovel so that you would stop stealing ours as we shovel the walk. I love watching you try and copy your daddy. 2016-02-08_0003 35/366 I’m the kind of mom that laughs when you pout. I can’t help it. You have the best faces. Dad went and got us all ice cream cones and I wouldn’t let you have mine, since you had one that was the same in your hand! The tragedy! We finally each had to share our cones with each other. 2016-02-08_0005
36/366 You are getting a point where you are really picky about what you eat. The short list includes PB, bread, milk, cheese, chips, hummus, apples, carrots,Greek yogurt, granola bars, and turkey bacon. You know where your favorites are too.2016-02-08_0007 37/366 Everett’s first bath2016-02-08_0008 38/366 Hanging out with daddy.2016-02-08_0009

39/366 Playing hide-and-go-seek with daddy. 2016-02-08_0006

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