Feb 15 2016

Week 6 | Project 366

The fatigue has really hit me this week.  They say that you should sleep when baby sleeps, but the truth is that newborns do not sleep peacefully. At least not our little Mr. E. He grunts, squeals, squirms, squeaks, kicks, cries, eats, smacks, and poops through supposedly 16-18 hours of sleep. And if he isn’t sleeping (which seems to be happening a lot less during the day) he is attached to me hungry. I feel I sit and nurse most days, all day.

But he smells really good and I can’t seem to stop staring at him.

Again this week my husband has been home. Its been a blessing. I end up sleeping a large part of the morning trying to make up for the night I’ve spent feeding him instead of sleeping. These two weeks with little man have seemed like the fastest two weeks ever. I truly feel like a zombie most of the day and guilty the rest. I want normality to set in, but at the same time don’t want the newborn stage to be over.


These moments are so precious that I seriously could not narrow it down to just 7 photos for this week. Mr. E is changing so fast and so is Charlee Ann. I am AMAZED how big my little Charlee is. Everyday I seem to think at one point “what happened to my little babies!” So you get what you get for photos 40-47 of our 366 project. 😀


We found Ms. Charlee like this when we checked on her before bed. I’ve talked about these little “animals” of hers. Dave calls them the Fantastic Five: her baby, Daniel Tiger, monkey, owl, and kitty.

2016-02-14_0001.jpg 2016-02-14_0002.jpg I swear our kids wear clothes most of the time but Charlee hasn’t wanted to get dressed this week and Everett just blew a diaper out. This tea party moment was perfect though.2016-02-14_0003.jpg I’ve forgotten how crazy newborns are with their jerky movements and crazy eyes.2016-02-14_0004.jpg

Charlee loves to tell us how little/tiny Everett is.
2016-02-14_0005.jpg 2016-02-14_0006.jpg 2016-02-14_0008.jpg I love this little man’s blonde hair and eyelashes.2016-02-14_0009.jpg 2016-02-14_0010.jpg

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