Feb 24 2016

Week 7 | Project 366

I’ve been lacking a bit this week with photos of my two squirts and I admit that its probably because I’m still trying to adjust to a schedule, any schedule. Mr. E is in full ESP (eat, sleep, poop)mode and as easy as that sounds to take care of, it takes me all day. 😀 And my little Charlee is in full two-year old mode. Tantrums daily.

At the same time, I look through these photos this week and just smile. This is my whole world. I love them with all my heart. I am so grateful that I get to be with them.


48| 366 My little buddy hanging out with me after lunch and before I cleaned the kitchen. Don’t mind the hand-me-down bouncer.

2016-02-24_0002 49|366  Charlee has begun to hate getting dressed and will run away from us if she can. This is always one of her favorite spots to “hide.”2016-02-24_0008 50|366 This face! 2016-02-24_0004 51|366 You love your grandparents! Showing G. Ann how to be a bird.2016-02-24_0003 52|366 I sometimes get jealous of my husband that he gets all these sweet pictures with our kids because I’m running the camera. But then I look at them and my heart melts. This man loves with all his heart. 2016-02-24_0001 53| 366  Bedtime snack with some Daniel Tiger time.2016-02-24_0006 54|366 My everyday view and “office.”2016-02-24_0007

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