Feb 29 2016

Week 8| A Year of Photos

Mr. E has officially started spitting up this week and I smell like spoiled milk all the time. He’s had a bit of a fussy tummy too and there has been a few nights where I don’t get a lot of sleep. I’m loving his blonde eyelashes and he is starting to look at us. He is weighing in at 9 lbs. 10 oz. He smacks his lips when his hungry and he’s outgrown his newborn clothing. He loves to be held and cuddled. Charlee stills loves him and will hold his hand whenever she can. Charlee is obsessed with fake sneezing. ¬†She has started to explain her injuries with a loud “boom” and will point where she got hurt days after the injury is gone. She loves to run around screaming (much to my dismay when trying to put Mr. E asleep.) She can destroy a clean room faster than anyone I know and she makes us laugh daily.


55| 366 Marble Mazes

I haven’t seen you so focused on something for so long. You and daddy built a few marble mazes and you spend a good 2 hours putting marbles in over and over, laughing and watching.

2016-02-29_0002 56| 366 Childhood2016-02-29_0003 57|366 Watercolor

I was so excited when I found these coloring books where you just add water and the color shows up. You had a ball with it and pretty much got the whole book wet.
2016-02-29_0004 58|366 While Mama Takes a Shower2016-02-29_000559| 366 Dinnertime

Mama is trying to finish up dinner, Charlee’s noodles are cooking (in the left corner) but she’s tasting daddy’s dinner, and Mr. E is needed some one-on-one attention: typical dinner time.
2016-02-29_0006 60| 366 Lounging 2016-02-29_0007 61| 366 Mr. E is One Month Old

grunting, pooping, eating, swinging, bouncing2016-02-29_0008

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